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Become an Exclusive Distributor in Your Country

Toothbrush & Toothpaste Vending Machine

Difresh Vending Machine is made of steel and covered with epoxy painting, it has a tubular lock and a special key both made of steel-Inox. The single channel machine may contains up to 100 Difresh Toothbrush Kits (Double channel Machine up to 200 difresh products), guaranteeing a good autonomy.

The coin Mechanism is adaptable to any type of coins in the world. It' works with 1, 2 or maximum 3 coins per product dispensed.

We offer: "Life Time - Factory Guarantee" for every vending machine manufactured. If one day you have a problem, we will supply to you immediatly a new spare part totally free.

Toothbrush kits are available in 10 different colours. Every toothbrush kit has inside 1 mini tube of toothpaste. The toothbrush can be also personalized with logo.

Toothpaste ingredients functions are: white-teeth and fresh mint flavor.

Where you sell

You can install Difresh toothbrush kit vending machine in all toilets of:

  • • Restaurant
  • • Fast food
  • • Discotheque
  • • Shopping mall
  • • Hotel
  • • Dental clinic
  • • Hospital
  • • Camping
  • • Airport
  • • Train and bus stations
  • • Petrol station

How you work

Your business consist in offering a free service to owners of restaurants or other commercial establishments installing the toothbrush kit vending machine in every bathroom (men and women). It is installed near the hands dryer machine or the soap dispenser. So every time that a client visit the bathroom, he/she will have access to the Difresh toothbrush kits service and you will make new sales.

Download here 2 PDF brochures to present Difresh service to your clients:

Brochure 1 - Brochure 2

What are the advantages for a commercial establishment?

1.- Difresh offers to public and private establishments a very exclusive service with no cost (normally a public bathroom has many costs like: hygienic paper, soap, electricity, water, bacteria disinfection, cleaning, etc.)

2.- Normally a commercial establishment receives a 20% commission of the final consumer price and the other 80% is your part. Example: you sell toothbrush kit at 1 euro, the restaurant receives 20 cents. But there are many establishments that don't receive any sales commission. The distributor only install the toothbrush kits dispensing machines, giving in return an exclusive service with no cost for the establishment owner.

3.- Clients can buy at low price a beautiful and useful toothbrush kit that can be used like a normal toothbrush also at home (3 months life-use) while the mini toothpaste can be used just 4 or 5 times.

What are the advantages for you?

1.- You buy vending machines from our factory at very low price with a life guarantee. Depending of the quantity we can offer you our factory manufacturing cost with no profit for us. We are here to support your business.

2.- You buy a quality toothbrush kit in 10 different colours at the best price of the market. All colours will be mixed inside your vending machine so your client will buy every time a different colour and it will boost your sales due the reason that clients will start a new collection searching the 10 colours.

3.- You will work with a 400% profit in every sale, so you will have back your investment in a very short time from 1 month to 3 months depending of number of toothbrush kits sold per month in every vending machine.

4.- For the last the toothbrush kit vending machine has a capacity of 100 units, so you can manage hundreds of vending machines alone without needing employees. So, your profit will be only for you without have any extra cost.

Cardboard displays for shops

Difresh dental kits are also sold through a cardboard displays of 50 units toothbrush kits in: pharmacies, supermarkets, food stores, home and cosmetic products and in any public establishment where the vending machine can not be installed due to lack of space or for not having own bathrooms in property (for example: establishments that are inside: shopping malls, airports, train and bus stations, etc.).

The cardboard displays are designed with 2 different marketing (dental kit for adults or children) depending on whether the establishment is aimed more at adults or children:

About our Company

AGUAFRESH EXCLUSIVAS S.L. was founded in 2000 with the desire to create an innovative and groundbreaking firm within the vending machines sector.

Our vending machines are addressed to a very important public use: Oral care and good oral hygiene.

We use high-quality cosmetic and sanitary materials, respecting all the quality requirements set by the European Community.

Our future plans include the diversification of the product: on one hand, new applications in the vending machines area and new products for health and body care, and on the other hand, a great marketing expansion in America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

Health is a very important issue in human life because it ensures the possibilities to establish rewarding relationships with the environment and, thus, personal achievements are enhanced.

We have decided to make our own contribution; so our hygiene products and vending machines are our best asset in order to make your life easier.

Thank you very much for choosing our products.

Best wishes,

Marco Musumeci

Buy online 1 sample vending machine + 250 toothbrush kits (VAT and transport included in the price)